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My name is Dudy GR’s

Dudy GR’s is a fashion photographer from Bandung West Java indonesia.

I started an interest in the world of photos since 2011.

Influenced by the idea, a typical and accurate photo style,

giving new power in the world of photos with no doubt the end result.

Getting comfortable in the world of photos,

I began to influence social media with incentive and spread.

I was fortunate enough with this photography field,

I began to get a lot of awards in some world photo sites,

thus making me a new power in the world of photos.

I am very confident and optimistic,

working in the world of photos very seriously I live.

This makes me sure enough to work in the field of photography to date.


For work inquiries / bookings please contact me :

Dudy GR’s

Phone: +6285720308888

Email: hello.dudygr@yahoo.com